Virtual sauna event

Did you know that, statistically, almost every other person has a sauna in Finland? The president has a long tradition of taking official quests to sauna. Everyone’s summer cottage has to have one, or otherwise there’s something wrong with that cottage.

Sauna is very integral part of Finland. In sauna everyone is equal and accepted as they are and want to be. When clothes are lost, it tends to equalize us, bring us to the same mindset and this is where very fruitful discussions arise.

We’re very sad, because we could not show our culture and the ways of the sauna to our lovely conference quests. Therefore, we are creating a virtual sauna to simulate the experience and the creative, free and social environment, which makes sauna so great.

The event will be held in a Zoom call on September 4th from 14:00 to 16:00 Finnish time. The link can be found below. The concept is simple: the organizers will livestream from their sauna to the main call in Zoom. Participants can use breakout rooms to have more convenient conversations in smaller groups.

Come and stay for a drink or two, meet new friends from all over the world! Join Zoom Meeting:


Join us in Helsinki! See you in...