the conference

Aalto University Water and Environmental Engineering research group and Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY in collaboration with International Water Association are organising the 2020 IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery conference.

Nutrient removal is the central aim of wastewater treatment facilities all around the world. Currently the emerging challenge is the progress towards optimized processes in light of resource recovery and economical return. All over the world, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs are developing new solutions in different environmental and operational conditions. This conference is the meeting point for sharing and exchanging ideas, experiences, research and practices on nutrient removal and recovery, in particular planning, operation, performance, and economics of wastewater treatment.


  • Biological and chemical removal and recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Carbon removal, recovery and sequestration
  • Nutrients management and recovery in sludge and biosolids treatment
  • Technologies for valorisation of nutrients in waste and nutrient product development
  • Novel NRR technologies and NRR in extreme conditions
  • Microbial ecology in NRR, including fate of microbial contaminants (pathogens, antibiotic resistant bacteria etc.)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and fate of micropollutants in NRR processes
  • Mathematical modelling, optimisation and control of NRR processes
  • Energy optimization in NRR processes including energy production
  • Regulatory and economic considerations of NRR processes
  • NRR in the Pulp and paper industry sectors
  • NRR for Groundwater and Soil Remediation and Management
  • Nutrient management from non-point sources, including urban areas, agricultural land and wetlands
  • Nutrient recovery from natural waters (rivers and lakes)

Key Dates

  • 20 June  2019: 1st announcement/Call for papers
  • 31 October 2019: Abstract submission deadline
  • 15 December 2019 : Author notification
  • 15 January  2020: Conference registration opens
  • 30 April 2020 Second Call for papers
  • 20 May 2020 Registration opens for new conference
  • 15 June 2020 New virtual conference programme
  • 31 July 2020 Early Bird registration deadline
  • 15 August 2020 Pre-recorded videos deadline
  • 1 – 3 September 2020 New dates for the virtual conference


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